CEO/President’s message.

Dear Friends,

Let me begin with a very warm Welcome to our website RLB Group is a well-known minority owned business. We have been in business for more than 18 years and with your support, we will keep going on for many more years to come.

As the Chairman of the RLB Group, I pledge to you that your needs will be always the first priority of our business. If you ever need to talk to us face to face or over the telephone, just pick up the phone and call me directly. I guaranty you that I will always solve your concern and needs personally.

As a store for safety gears, please be assured that all of our products have the necessary certifications as well as necessary requirements mandated by the Federal, State and City Government, So you can our products with your eye closed. We only buy from the very best manufacturers so that you can buy the very best products your money can buy. Each of our products is unconditionally money back guaranteed.

As our products are guaranteed by me personally, please feel free to buy the products you need and you will not find a better price anywhere.

Together, we will grow and be in the business for many many years.

Thank you very much again for your support.

Very sincerely,

M.A.Hossain (Moe).