Duckwear Tool Roll by Bucket Boss

Carry Handle

22 pockets

3 small velcro pockets
17 loops

Two barrel locks and straps

Made with durable nylon

Dimensions Rolled: 14″ W x 4.5″ D

Dimensions Opened: 26″ W x .125″ D X 14.5″ H

Country of Origin: China



The Duckwear Tool Roll by Bucket Boss is a convenient way to keep your tools organized. Simply place them in its multiple pockets and roll it up.

All told, there are 22 pockets and 17 loops for all of your tools. It’s made from a durable nylon so it can hold it all.

When you roll it up, two straps weave through barrel locks to ensure that it won’t unfurl, and the handle makes it easy to carry from one job to another.


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