Fibre Metal Full Brim Spirit of America Hard Hat


Country of Origin: Canada



Fibre Metal Full Brim Spirit of America Hard Hat The Fibre Meal Supereight® full brim hard hat with the Spirit of America comes with a ratchet suspension and a full graphic design raises head protection aesthetics to a new level. The full graphic process, developed and perfected by Fibre Metal produces complex, colorful designs that won’t chip, fade or peel. The beautiful stars and stripes wave ever so gently while a realistic depiction of the American Bald Eagle jump at you. In addition to using Fibre Metal full graphic head protection on the job, many companies use them as safety awards, as special caps for ground-breaking ceremonies or other events. All Fibre-Metal SuperEight® Thermoplastic protective hats and caps are SEI certified to ANSI Z89.1-2003. General hard hat info along with product specific information is all found at our Hard Hat General Information page. Questions involving head protection or for more information on ANSI and OSHA regulations as it pertains to Head Protection please visit our Head Protection FAQ’s page.

For additional Name Sticker locations please call 1-877-411-0035.

*The “name” is a 2″ wide vinyl sticker that can be unique to each hard hat you purchase. The font used is Arial and the print is either white or black, depending on the color of the hard hat.


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