Peltor Digital WorkTunes Electronic Ear Muff

Easy Finger Tip Controls

5 Station Presets

Seek and Scan

NRR 26dB

Volume Limited to Safe Levels

Gel/Foam Cushions

MP3 Cord Included

Country of Origin: Great Britain



PeltorĀ® Digital WorkTunes Electronic Ear Muff will give workers the superior ear protection they need as well as the entertainment they want. With digital tuning, your less likely to remove your hearing protection to tune in your favorite AM/FM radio stations. No more thumbing around, you can tune in instantly, or use the supplied patch cord to connect to your MP3 player or iPod. This new radio ear muff offers more than just digital tuning, it provides hearing protection. The Peltor Digital WorkTunes has an NRR of 26dB and it also limits the volume to a safe level of 82dB. Safer never sounded so good!


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